Part 1: Introduction

  • Wendy’s personal story of stuttering experience
    • Rationale
      • To help students who stutter identify with an adult who stutters
      • To validate student’s feelings helping them not feel alone
      • To help SLPs to hear a stutterer’s story, enabling them to better understand what may be going on inside of their students


Welcome to Stutter Squad! Today you will begin the first video of the program.

Introduction Instructions: To begin, you (the clinician) will introduce the program to your student(s). Explain to your student(s) that you would like to begin a special program with them called Stutter Squad. Explain that in this program they will get to watch videos all about stuttering, made my a speech therapist who stutters too! Ask them if they have ever met an adult who stutters! If not, they will get to meet Mrs. Wendy through the videos. In the video titled “Introduction” Mrs. Wendy will give a description of the program and what it will be all about. In the second video titled “Mrs. Wendy’s Story”, Mrs. Wendy shares her story about her lifetime of stuttering. After watching the videos, work together with your student(s) to fill out the worksheet titled “My Story with Stuttering”. After completing the worksheet, review it with your student(s) to facilitate a conversation about stuttering in their life right now.

"Mrs. Wendy's Personal Story of Stuttering Experience"

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