Part 5: Becoming Friends with Your Stutter

Available August 20th

  • Identifying what types of stuttering you do, practice pseudo stuttering, learning about the speech mechanism and where types of stuttering occur
    • Rationale
      • Allows student to objectively look at stuttering
      • Pseudo stuttering provides desensitization
      • Teaching proprioception allows for student to feel more in control of moments of stuttering
    • Teach Speech Tools (easy onset, light contact, pullout, cancellations)
      • Rationale
        • Helps increase fluency
        • Give student lifeline if they chose to implement tools when needed or wanted
      • Tolerating Stuttering (Acceptance)
        • Rationale
          • As student begins to tolerate stuttering, tension decreases typically resulting in more fluency
          • Helps with resilience
          • Decreases negative thoughts
          • Increases realistic expectations of speech
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