Part 5: Becoming Friends with Your Stutter


    • Allows student to objectively look at stuttering
    • Pseudo stuttering provides desensitization
    • Teaching proprioception allows for student to feel more in control of moments of stuttering


    • Helps increase fluency
    • Give student lifeline if they chose to implement tools when needed or wanted


    • As student begins to tolerate stuttering, tension decreases typically resulting in more fluency
    • Helps with resilience
    • Decreases negative thoughts
    • Increases realistic expectations of speech

Becoming Friends with Your Stutter

You (the clinician) will tell your student(s) that the lessons in this section consist of learning about speech tools and tolerating our stuttering. Speech tools are techniques that modify moments of stuttering which typically result in enhanced fluency. It is important to emphasize that speech tools do not eliminate stuttering, thus learning to tolerate some level of stuttering is essential. Rather, speech tools can be used to help modify speech to enhance/increase some level of fluency, lessen tension, and make a moment(s) of stuttering more manageable. After watching the videos each week, work together with your student(s) to fill out the the worksheets regarding Easy Onset, Light Contact, and Becoming Friends with Your Stutter: Part 2.

Speech Tools

Speech Tools, Light Contact

Speech Tools, Light Contact - One More Time...

Speech Tools, Cancellation

Speech Tools, Pull Out

Speech Tools, Final Thoughts

Becoming Friends with Your Stutter, part 2

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