Step 4: Self Talk (Negative and Positive), Cognitive Distortions, Affirmations

Available August 20th

  • Learn 4 styles of negative self-talk (The Worrier, The Critic, The Victim, The Perfectionist) and learn 12 common cognitive distortions (example: Mind Reading, All or Nothing, Jumping to Conclusions, Emotional Reasoning, etc). Introduce a list of positive affirmations and create your own.
  •  Rationale
    • Help student identify faulty thinking that is often false
    • Negative thoughts result in negative emotions, which leads to more tension, thus worsening the stutter
    • Helps show student what they ARE in control of which is their thoughts, gives them some control even if they can’t always control their stuttering
    • Identifying and countering negative thoughts results in resilience
    • Develop healthy and positive thinking statements
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