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Welcome to Stutter Squad! Our comprehensive video based intervention program is designed to teach children who stutter ALL about stuttering: aspects of stuttering “core behaviors” and “secondary behaviors”, anatomical brain differences, feelings and attitudes, negative self talk, cognitive distortions, positive affirmations, personal exploration of stuttering, speech tools, core beliefs, creating goals, confronting fears, AND SO MUCH MORE! If you are tired of just focusing on easy onset with not much success, this is the program for you!

The program is designed primarily for students from 3rd-12th grade. You may want to use some of the videos with younger students depending on their cognition, maturity, openness about stuttering, severity of stuttering, awareness of stuttering, and the level of emotional impact. If you choose to use this program with younger students, it is HIGHLY recommended that you view the video lessons PRIOR to introducing it to your student(s), to determine if it is developmentally appropriate for your student(s).

The program structure is simple: watch a video lesson together each week with your student(s) on stuttering and complete the worksheet paired with each video. The video and worksheets are designed to facilitate open and safe conversations with your student(s) on stuttering.

Some topics of the program go very in depth, so please dont feel the need to breeze through a section per week. Use your professional judgement on when to move on. If it is apparent that your student is making connections with the material and opening up, you may want to stay on that one lesson for a few weeks to create goals and continue the conversation and exploration of the topic.

The videos are not only designed for the student’s education but also for the SLPs! We hope to better equip you with comprehensive knowledge of stuttering so you feel more competent treating this area of your caseload!

Stutter Squad is designed to take all of the prep work out of treating children who stutter while providing in depth intervention and exploration of stuttering in a fun, easy to use, video based approach. We hope you enjoy being on our squad!


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