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Believe it or NOT...this set of videos below is a standardized and validated TEST! Created for SLPs by SLPs...

Artic and Phonology VAT

Adriana Lavi, PhD, CCC-SLP and Cristina Gamarnik, MS, CCC-SLP


Based on a normative sample of participants solely representing typically developing students


Validated for use in telepractice


Excellent sensitivity and specificity. Rigorous and meticulous validation held to highest psychometric standards.

Highly Engaging

Real-life scenes and animations

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High Specificity & Sensitivity
Easy to Use, Green Screen Fun!

Accurate Results
High Sensitivity & Specificity

We develop tests in accordance with the Standards for Educational and Psychological testing set forth by the American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association and National Council on Measurement in Education.

Easy to Use Testing Platform
Online and Video-based

Our testing platform is very easy to use. Step-by-step instructions are available for each test in an easy to follow video demo. The platform calculates the raw scores for you. No more manual scoring: our system offers easy to use computerized scoring for each test.

Green Screen Fun
Interactive and Engaging

We use the VAT formula to create more accurate tests. What is the VAT formula? It is the combination of real life scenes and highest psychometric test standards that make our standardized tests highly accurate, effective, attention grabbing and plain fun!

What are VATs?

VATs are video assessment tools developed by the Lavi Institute for accurate and effective assessment of speech and language skills. The Lavi Institute is the pioneer in video based assessment. Our tests undergo rigorous validation and meticulous development and standardization process held to highest psychometric standards. Our tests are first piloted, field-tested, validated and then made available for clinical use. Please visit the Lavi Institute website to learn more about our research and to read our peer-reviewed articles and technical reports.


IMPACT Social Communication Rating Scale

Adriana Lavi, PhD, CCC-SLP

Hurry Up!


IMPACT Social Communication Rating Scale (ages: 6-21) is an objective measure of social communication based on informal observations of clinicians, teachers, and parents. This tool aids in the clinical determination of a diagnosis/special education eligibility by examining how social communication deficits may affect everyday social interactions and/or academic performance (for educational planning purposes). Available in Spanish in September.

Easy to Follow Steps

Step 1

Complete the CLINICIAN online rating form that will calculate student age and raw scores for you!

Step 2

Email or Text links to the online rating form to TEACHER(S) and PARENT(S), and get the results back by email (or printed pdfs).

Step 3

Easily convert scores and use our report generating widget to generate a ready-to-use write-up for your assessment report.

Clinician Rating Form

Online Rating Form for Clinicians with Auto Raw Scores

Teacher/Parent Rating Forms

Send Links to Online Rating Forms to Teachers/Parents by Email or Text

Score Auto-Convert

Get Standard Scores and Percentile Ranks

Vocabulary  VAT, Free of Charge


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