Social Mind and Big Heart (Younger Group) SAMPLE LESSON

Welcome to the Social Skills Squad! Today you will be starting the first lesson of the program. 

To begin, you (the clinician) will introduce the program to your student(s). Explain to your student(s) that over the next few weeks, we will be watching some videos and having discussions of what makes a great communicator and how to make friends. As we go along watching videos, other students will share their thoughts on how to be a great communicator and talk to others. Sometimes, we will see videos where something goes wrong and we’ll discuss what went wrong and how we can fix it. We’ll also role-play different scenarios – we’ll practice or rehearse situations as if they were happening to us and demonstrate the correct way to handle a situation. We’ll learn about to two concepts. The first is called, “social mind.” To have a social mind is to be able to read and detect social cues. The second is called, “big heart.” To have a big heart is to understand, support, and demonstrate mindfulness and empathy. In order to learn about social mind and big heart, we’ll begin by watching videos of faces and discuss what we think each face tells us. Next, it’s “selfie time” and we’ll practice making faces in a mirror or on our phones.

Let’s get started! It’s time to learn about social mind and big heart. Start the first video now (read out loud the sentences in the video to your student(s). After the video, have a discussion with your student(s) and  use the companion worksheet. 

Intro Video - prerequisite of the program

Now, move on to the next steps outlined in the “Empathy” section.

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