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Maximized SLP time efficiency – reduces workload, x4 improved efficiency.

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SLP-Operating-System (OS) that powers speech-language therapy

AmplioSpeech is the SLP-Operating-System (OS) that powers speech-language therapy in the 21st century.

AmplioSpeech maximizes student outcomes and empowers SLPs, by delivering Digital Speech-Language Therapy to school districts and their SLPs, students and their families, special education departments and administrators. Powered by an award-winning artificial intelligence technology, AmplioSpeech equips school districts with an exclusive speech-language therapy operating system that powers speech-language therapy in the 21st century.

AmplioSpeech accelerates student clinical and academic progress using proven, individualized digital programs, reduces SLPs indirect workload, all while ensuring efficient and consistent IEP compliance both onsite and online. School districts empower their school-based SLPs using the AmplioSpeech system or deploy AmplioSpeech SLPs to complement.

Special education administrators leverage on the most advanced platform that adapts to their school’s needs. AmplioSpeech provides them exclusive access to monitoring and oversight on compliance and progress, and a 360° view of where things stand at any given time.

Operating System for School-Based SLPs

Powered by an award-winning artificial intelligence technology, AmplioSpeech delivers unparalleled Digital Speech-Language Therapy services to schools and their students.

AmplioSpeech’s operating system ensures efficient compliance with IDEA and IEPs. Service is immediate, and reimbursement maximized. Students’, parents’ and Special Education administrators’ satisfaction is boosted, and most importantly – progress is dramatically accelerated and monitored.

AmplioSpeech is serving tens of thousands of students in schools across the country – urban, rural, public, charter, bi-lingual, virtual – with AmplioSpeech’s large community of SLPs and with school-based SLPs.

Service delivery online or onsite

Accelerated student progress – clinical and academic

Efficient compliance – automatic, consistent, auditable

Maximized SLP time efficiency – reduced workload, x4 improved efficiency

Monitoring and oversight on compliance and progress

Predictive cost and maximized reimbursement

Imagine this:
Therapy sessions are being scheduled automatically; reports are being filled almost by themselves; SOAP notes are written autonomously; objective data is presented to you, showing the rapid progress of your students – and all you have to do is make professional, clinical decisions. You are doing exactly what you were meant to do – no more, no less. You are a Digital Speech-Language Pathologist.

This is not just an imaginary scenario.

You too can become a Digital SLP!

Areas of Need

AmplioSpeech provides digital therapy to Pre-K–12 students for all aspects of speech and language, including







AmplioSpeech combines an innovative, modular service delivery model with an award-winning platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate progress and provide proven outcomes. Our service delivery and digital platform accelerates students’ progress towards their goals. These include smart self-practice using AI, assignment completion, feedback, Speech-Language Qualities (SLQs), intervention protocols, and more.

Online Service

Some schools have adopted online tools to provide therapy during closures. There is a spectrum of platforms, from general-purpose video (e.g. Zoom), all the way to SLP-specific AI platforms (e.g. AmplioSpeech). We need to ensure that all homebound students receive efficacious therapy, not inferior to in-person therapy. Online services should reduce workload for clinicians, rather than increase workload. Effective online services reduce pressure
for students or staff to return to school, when it is not in the best interest of them, their classmates, or their colleagues. The highest standard platforms are, therefore, recommended. With  AmplioSpeech, students benefit from high-quality, efficacious online therapy. The platform offloads many of the SLPs’ tasks, reducing workload during these stressful times. AmplioSpeech easily-accessible technical support as well as clinical support enable smooth therapy.

Onsite Service.

As students and SLPs return to schools, in some way or another, their safety is the first priority. Alas, speech therapy the way we traditionally deliver it, does not meet COVID-19 safety guidelines. Therapy is typically delivered with a group of students from different classes, in a small room, without masks. 

When schools reopen, we should make sure that students either receive safe individual therapy or stay in their classrooms during group online therapy, delivered from the SLP’s room. Individual and group sessions are effectively delivered over the AmplioSpeech platform, room-to-room.

Service Continuity.

The coming school year will be characterized by alternating and hybrid settings. Schools will open and close with COVID waves. Individual students as well as staff will fluctuate between being at school and staying home. Continuous, regular, and consistent therapy will become a safe haven for fragile students while ensuring continued student progress. Such services can only be provided if the entire therapy cycle is managed by a single platform, regardless of setting (online or onsite), including resources, documentation, reimbursement, practice, etc. AmplioSpeech provides a monolithic platform for all settings. Groups can be formed with students both onsite and online. The same resources and materials are used in any model. Documentation is consistent and standardized throughout the year. Most importantly, IEP time is likely to be met with easy switching between online and onsite.


“This system helps clinicians keep their focus on achieving excellent outcomes for their students. I’ve taught over 20,000 SLPs to deliver data-driven therapy, and AmplioSpeech brings this to reality.”
J. Scott Yaruss, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, F-ASHA Professor, Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Michigan State University
“AmplioSpeech gives us increased flexibility to respond to the challenges presented in our complex world.”
Dr. Randy Stafford Director of Student Services, Walton County School District, FL
“With AmplioSpeech, we’re able to deliver services in a way that suits our needs, meets our standards and keeps our teams highly empowered.”
Eydie Tricquet Director, Special Programs, The Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System (FDLRS)
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