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Welcome to the Power Up Outcomes with Evidence Based Practice online conference! We are so excited you have decided to join us and hope you enjoy this three-day online continuing education experience. All presenters and topics of this conference have been carefully selected to provide you with the most current and up-to-date evidence based practice (EBP) techniques in the field of speech and language pathology. The main focus of this conference will be centered around evidence based practice and how to apply EBP into our daily professional lives. We believe in order to be the best speech-language pathologists for our clients; we must always consider and continue to evaluate the evidence behind all assessments and treatments.

This is our first EBP conference and we look forward to sharing all the latest and greatest research in the field. In doing so, we hope to strengthen the bridge between the research and clinical community. Our goal is provide SLPs with the most up to date evidence to assist in day-to-day practice.

This pandemic has brought many uncertainties and difficult times and because of that, we would like to offer free registration to The Power Up Outcomes with Evidence Based Practice three-day online conference.

We want to extend our gratitude to Tatyana Elleseff and the SLPs for Evidence Based Practice Facebook group, who helped make this conference a reality. The conference is powered by VideoLearningSquad platform and the Lavi Institute.

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August 3, 2020 - Monday

Supporting Subheading

A Welcome Message from Dr. Adriana Lavi and Tatyana Elleseff, MA, CCC-SLP

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Tommie L. Robinson Jr.

One of a Kind Mind

Dr. Temple Grandin, moderated by Tatyana Elleseff, MS, CCC-SLP and Adriana Lavi, PhD, CCC-SLP 

Improving Critical Thinking Skills via Picture Books in Children with Language Disorders Master Class Presentation

Tatyana Elleseff, MS, CCC-SLP

Virtual Exhibit Hall Visit booth booth

WPS (Western Psychological Services)

Thinking About Thinking: Assessing Foundations for Social-Emotional Development

Master Class Presentation

Dr. Carol Westby, CCC-SLP

Culturally Responsive Assessment 

Dr. Lamitra Baez, CCC-SLP

Tips and Tricks of Teletherapy

Jillian Yudin, MA, AT Speciaist, SLPA

August 4, 2020 - Tuesday

Supporting Subheading

Understanding Psychometric Properties of Standardized Tests

Elena Plante, PhD, CCC-SLP

Virtual Exhibit Hall Visit

AmplioSpeech, SPG, Lavi Institute. PresenceLearning

Components of Effective Reading Intervention 

Tatyana Elleseff, MA, CCC-SLP, 

Teletherapy for Students with Limited Engagement

Kathy Beatty, MA, CCC-SLP

Course sponsored by the Speech Pathology Group

Assessment and Report Writing During COVID-19

Dr. Glendora Tremper, CCC-SLP​

August 5, 2020 - Wednesday

Supporting Subheading

COVID-19 and Beyond: Overcoming the Challenges in Speech-Language Therapy

Kathleen Whitmire, PhD, CCC-SLP (Ret), BCS-CL (Ret) and Anita Klenner, BS, CCC-SLP

Course sponsored  by AmplioSpeech

How to Administer the CAPs Online

Sponsored by WPS Western Psychological Services

Effective Behavior Management for Online Speech Sessions

DeAnna Mercier Glass, M.Ed., BCBA

Course sponsored by the Speech Pathology Group

School-Age Stuttering: A Practical Approach

Scott Yaruss, PhD, CCC-SLP

The Kids Are NOT Alright. Are You?

Dr. John Jacob

Conference Closing

Adriana Lavi, PhD, CCC-SLP

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